Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Thesis option: 31 credits
Non-thesis option: 31 credits

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies does not have a stand-alone M.A. program. However, on the way to a Ph.D., students who have completed the appropriate coursework may request conferral of a master's degree. Students will begin the graduate program with a sequence of courses that include the required core interdisciplinary courses for a total of 31 credits and finish with either the completion of a thesis or the 'general' examination. This portion of the program stresses interdisciplinary Master's courses offered in the Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. 

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
WMST601Approaches to Women's Studies I3
WMST602Approaches to Women's Studies II3
WMST618Feminist Pedagogy3
WMST621Feminist Theories and Women's Movements: Genealogies3
WMST628Women's Studies Colloquium3
Select 16 additional credits16
Thesis or Non-Thesis Requirements
Select one of the following:
Thesis Option:
Students must pass the General Exam and pass the 2-year paper with an oral defense
Non-Thesis Option:
Students must pass the General Exam
Total Credits31