Women's Studies, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Thesis option: 31 credits
Non-thesis option: 31 credits

Women's Studies does not have a stand-alone M.A. program. However, on the way to a Ph.D., students who have completed the appropriate coursework may request conferral of a master's degree. Students will begin the graduate program with a sequence of courses that include the required core interdisciplinary courses for a total of 31 credits and finish with either the completion of a thesis or the 'general' examination. This portion of the program stresses interdisciplinary Master's courses offered in the Department of Women's Studies. 

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
WMST601Approaches to Women's Studies I3
WMST602Approaches to Women's Studies II3
WMST618Feminist Pedagogy3
WMST621Feminist Theories and Women's Movements: Genealogies3
WMST628Women's Studies Colloquium3
Select 16 additional credits16
Thesis or Non-Thesis Requirements
Select one of the following:
Thesis Option:
Students must pass the General Exam and pass the 2-year paper with an oral defense
Non-Thesis Option:
Students must pass the General Exam
Total Credits31