Office of the Registrar

First Floor, Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Building

University Registrar: Adrian Cornelius

The Office of the Registrar is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in all aspects of its operation, which includes:

  • Coordinating course, final exams, and classroom scheduling
  • Overseeing transfer credit, residency reclassifications, and student registration
  • Managing grades and degree audits
  • Maintaining students' permanent academic records
  • Data custody, management, analytics, and reporting
  • Producing and managing university ID cards
  • Administering academic regulations and records policy (including federal FERPA law) compliances
  • Enabling and executing functional oversight of adequate student records systems
  • Preparing functional documentation and conducting records management training
  • Managing veterans and athlete certifications
  • Producing official transcripts, enrollment certifications, diplomas, and graduation verifications
  • Servicing inquiries from a wide range of university and external stakeholders and customers

Detailed information on the Office of the Registrar's services is published throughout this catalog.