Semester Calendar 2020-2021

Fall Semester - 2020

Event Date
First Day of Classes August 31 (Monday)
Labor Day September 7 (Monday)
Thanksgiving Recess November 25-November 29 (Wednesday-Sunday)
Last Day of Classes December 14 (Monday)
Reading Day December 15 (Tuesday)
Final Exams December 16-22 (Wednesday-Tuesday)
Commencement - Main Ceremony1 December 20 (Sunday)
Commencement - College/Department Ceremonies1 December 21,22 (Monday, Tuesday)

Winter Term - 2021

Event Date
Classes Begin January 4 (Monday)
Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday January 18 (Monday)
Classes End January 22 (Friday)

Spring Semester - 2021

Event Date
First Day of Classes January 25 (Monday)
Spring Break March 14-21 (Sunday-Sunday)
Last Day of Classes May 11 (Tuesday)
Reading Day May 12 (Wednesday)
Final Exams May 13-19 (Thursday-Wednesday)
Commencement - College/Department Ceremonies1 May 20 (Thursday)
Commencement - College/Department Ceremonies1 May 22 (Saturday)
Commencement - Main Ceremony and College/Department Ceremonies 1 May 21 (Friday)

Summer Term - 2021

Event Date
Sessions I and I-A Begin June 1 (Tuesday)
Session I-A Ends June 18 (Friday)
Session I-B Begins June 21 (Monday)
Independence Day Holiday July 5 (Monday)
Sessions I and I-B End July 9 (Friday)
Sessions II and II-C Begin July 12 (Monday)
Session II-C Ends July 30 (Friday)
Session II-D Begins August 2 (Monday)
Sessions II and II-D End August 20 (Friday)

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