Division of Administration and Finance

2119 Main Administration Building

Carlo Colella, Vice President, Administration and Finance

The Division of Administration and Finance is responsible for the university’s business operations and its 1,352-acre physical environment, including over 14 million square feet of facilities.  More than 1,500 staff members ensure a safe, well-maintained and clean environment; facilitate planning for the future of the campus and manage construction; manage financial operations and provide business support services; support transportation demand management; manage the real estate needs of the university, and promote partnerships with surrounding communities.

Our operations include: Community Engagement; Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk; Facilities Management; Finance (includes Student Financial Services and Cashiering); Purchasing and Business Services; Public Safety; Real Estate; Transportation Services, and University Human Resources.

Of particular interest to students are the services and resources offered by Public Safety; billing and information provided by Student Financial Services and Cashiering; campus programs related to sustainability and climate action, and services offered by Transportation Services (parking, Shuttle-UM, Smart Commute).