AAST - Asian American Studies

AAST420 Asian American Women: The Social Construction of Gender (3 Credits)

Examines the intersection of gender, race and class as it relates to Asian American women in the United States; how institutionalized cultural and social statuses of gender, race, ethnicity and social class produce and reproduce inequality with implications for Asian Americans and the broader society.

Restriction: Must not have completed WMST420. Cross-listed with WMST420 .

Credit Only Granted for: AAST420 or WMST420.

AAST424 Sociology of Race Relations (3 Credits)

Analysis of race-related issues, with a primary focus on American society. The historical emergence, development, and institutionalization of racism; the impact of racism on its victims; and racially based conflict.

Prerequisite: 6 credits in SOCY courses; or permission of UGST-Undergraduate Studies.

Restriction: Must not have completed SOCY424. Cross-listed with SOCY424.

Credit Only Granted for: AAST424 or SOCY424.

AAST443 Asian American Politics (3 Credits)

Students will gain a greater understanding of 1)the role of Asian Americans in US politics, 2) the political attitudes and behaviors of Asian Americans and 3)how to conduct research on Asian American politics. Though the class will concentrate on Asian Americans, issues related to Asian American politics will be examined within the larger context of America's multicultural political landscape.

Credit Only Granted for: AAST498T, AAST443, GVPT368C or AMST 498J.

Formerly: AAST498T.

AAST498 Advanced Topics in Asian American Studies (3 Credits)

Advanced study of the cultural and historical antecedents of contemporary Asian American society. Emphasis on the social, political, economic, and behavioral factors affecting Asian Americans and their communities.

Repeatable to: 6 credits if content differs.

AAST499 Senior Thesis (3 Credits)

Under the supervision of faculty, research regarding a specific topic of the Asian American experience will be completed.

Prerequisite: AAST201 and AAST200.

Restriction: Permission of UGST-Undergraduate Studies; and must be in Asian American Studies program.

Repeatable to: 6 credits if content differs.