EDPS - Education Policy Studies

EDPS401 Educational Policy, and Social Change (3 Credits)

An examination of education policy in relation to the social environment and change. Contemporary education and social issues are examined, including technology as a complex force which influences social change. This is a Social Foundations course.

Credit Only Granted for: EDPL401 or EDPS401.

Formerly: EDPL401.

EDPS610 History of Western Education (3 Credits)

Educational institutions through the ancient, medieval and early modern periods in western civilization, as seen against a background of socio-economic development.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI610, EDPL610, or EDPS610.

Formerly: EDPL610.

EDPS623 Education Policy and Theories of Change (3 Credits)

The work of change theorists in history, economics, political science, philosophy, sociology and anthropology as it impinges upon education policy.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI623, EDPL623, or EDPS623.

Formerly: EDPL623.

EDPS626 Educatin Policy and the Young (3 Credits)

The systematic exploration of education policy as it has organized, reflected and influenced the lives of children, youth, and families, with particular emphasis on American policies and systems.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI626, EDPL626, or EDPS626.

Formerly: EDPL626.

EDPS636 Communication and the School Curriculum (3 Credits)

Curriculum development based on communication as the major vehicle for describing the learner's interactions with persons, knowledge, and materials in the classroom and school environment.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI636, EDPL636, or EDPS636.

Formerly: EDPL636.

EDPS663 Policy Formulation in Education (3-6 Credits)

Various levels of school governance. Analysis of policy formation, administration and evaluation issues.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-Teaching, Learning, Policy and Leadership department.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI663, EDPL663, or EDPS663.

Formerly: EDPL663.

EDPS712 Analysis of Educational Concepts (3 Credits)

Analyses of selected concepts used in thinking about education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI712, EDPL712, or EDPS712.

Formerly: EDPL712.

EDPS811 Seminar in History of Education (3 Credits)

Examination of current developments and continuing controversies in the field of history of education. The analysis of the various ways in which history of education is approached methodologically and interpretatively.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI811, EDPL811, or EDPS811.

Formerly: EDPL811.

EDPS812 Seminar in Philosophy of Education (3 Credits)

Examination of current developments and continuing controversies in the field of philosophy of education. The function of educational philosophy, methodological approaches, and current research trends.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI812, EDPL812, or EDPS812.

Formerly: EDPL812.

EDPS813 Seminar in Educational Sociology (3 Credits)

Sociological analysis of educational processes and institutions; emphasis on the social effects of formal organizations.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI813, EDPL813, or EDPS813.

Formerly: EDPL813.