USLT - Latina/o Studies

USLT488 US Latina/o Senior Seminar (3 Credits)

A variable topics seminar that exposes students to interdisciplinary critical readings, writings, and research in U.S. Latina/o Studies. Interdisciplinary research methodologies are broadly addressed. Students will gain skills and practice in reading critical analytic texts and will develop writing skills.

Recommended: USLT202 or USLT201.

Restriction: Senior standing; and permission of instructor.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.

USLT498 US Latina/o Studies: Special Topics (3 Credits)

Specific content to be announced when courses are offered.

Prerequisite: USLT202 or USLT201.

Restriction: Junior standing or higher.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.