ITAL - Italian

ITAL401 Advanced Composition and Style (3 Credits)

Advanced writing practice in range of genres.

Prerequisite: ITAL301; or students who have taken courses with comparable content may contact the department.

ITAL411 Monsters and Demons: the Faces of Evil in Dante's Inferno (3 Credits)

An interdisciplinary study of Dante's Inferno as represented in the Divine Comedy. Special emphasis on Dante's own portrayal of monsters and demons and their roles in the poet's eschatological vision of Hell.Taught in English

ITAL421 The Italian Renaissance (3 Credits)

A study of major trends of thought in Renaissance literature, art, and science. Taught in English.

Credit Only Granted for: ITAL421 or ITAL422.

ITAL431 Italian Civilization in Translation (3 Credits)

Political, social, intellectual, literary and artistic forces shaping contemporary Italy from the late Middle Ages to the present. Taught in English.

Credit Only Granted for: ITAL431 or ITAL432.

ITAL433 Holocaust in Italian Literature and Cinema (3 Credits)

Review of literature and theoretical writings of Italy's most famous survivor, Primo Levi, to a sampling of Italian films that focus in vastly different and often extremely controversial ways on the experience of the concentration camp, while addressing a series of central questions from the brutal realities of the camps to the "compromises" made in order to survive, the need to bear witness, and the idea of the survivor's guilt.Cross-listed with FILM433.

Credit Only Granted for: FILM433 or ITAL433.

ITAL436 Italian Cinema I: Neorealism (3 Credits)

Explores representations of Italy in cinema with special focus on identity formation and the movement of Italian neorealism and post neorealism. Taught in English.Cross-listed with FILM441.

Credit Only Granted for: FILM441 or ITAL436.

ITAL469 Study Abroad Special Topics IV (1-6 Credits)

Special topics course taken as part of an approved study abroad program.

Repeatable to: 15 credits if content differs.

ITAL471 Italian Cinema: A Cultural Approach in Translation (3 Credits)

The culture of Italy through the medium of film from the silent days up to the present. Taught in English.

Credit Only Granted for: ITAL471 or ITAL472.

ITAL473 Italian Cinema II - In Translation (3 Credits)

A study of Italian society and culture through the medium of film from the mid 1970's to the present. Taught in English.Cross-listed with FILM431.

Credit Only Granted for: ITAL473, ITAL474, or FILM431.

ITAL475 The Italian Opera Libretto in English (3 Credits)

History and analysis of Italian opera librettos from Monteverdi through Mozart to Verdi and Puccini. Taught in English.

Prerequisite: Must have completed one course in literature.

Credit Only Granted for: ITAL475 or ITAL476.

ITAL478 Colloquium in Italian (1 Credit)

Colloquium section taught in Italian to accompany 400-level Italian courses taught in English. Discussion, presentations, readings.

Prerequisite: ITAL311; or students who have taken courses with comparable content may contact the department.

Corequisite: ITAL498, ITAL411, ITAL431, ITAL421, ITAL473, ITAL475, ITAL471, or ITAL499.

Repeatable to: 6 credits.

ITAL497 Senior Project (3 Credits)

Individual independent study of an aspect of Italian literature, culture or society selected according to student interest and need in consultation with a member of the Italian program.

Prerequisite: 4 courses from ITAL400-499 course range; or permission of ARHU-School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures department.

ITAL498 Special Topics in Italian Literature (3 Credits)

ITAL499 Special Topics in Italian Studies (3 Credits)