EDUC - Education

EDUC478 Using Information Technology in Schools (1-3 Credits)

Strategies, resources, tools and organizational concepts for using technology to facilitate classroom learning and school administrative functions.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education; and junior standing or higher.

Repeatable to: 6 credits if content differs.

EDUC498 Selected Topics in Education (1-3 Credits)

Current topics and issues in education.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.

EDUC499 Honors Thesis (1-6 Credits)

Individual thesis work under supervision of faculty advisors; includes periodic seminar meetings with other honors students engaged in thesis work.

Prerequisite: Admission to College Honors Program.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

EDUC640 Introduction to Educational Leadership (3 Credits)

The focus of this course is the analysis of the role of education administrators/leaders in the social, political, and legal contexts of schools. Also examines the role of leadership in school improvement.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI640 or EDUC640.

Formerly: EDHI640.

EDUC645 Leading Instructional Improvement (3 Credits)

Development of knowledge and skills in the use of data bases, research findings and models of supervision, to improve instruction in schools.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI645 or EDUC645.

Formerly: EDHI645.

EDUC646 Leading Instructional Excellence (3 Credits)

Leader's role in fostering high quality teaching and learning. Exploration of the relationship between curriculum instruction assessment and the organizational structure of K-12 public schooling. Development and assessment of frameworks for understanding instructional quality. Analysis of strategies for supporting teachers as they engage in curricular and professional development. Consideration of factors involved in creating and sustaining instructionally centered schools.

Prerequisite: EDUC645; or permission of instructor.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI646 or EDUC646.

Formerly: EDHI646.

EDUC670 Learning Communities (3 Credits)

Reviews contemporary research on student and teacher learning and schools as learning organizations. It aims to build students understanding of opportunities and challanges to implementing learning environments in various educational organizations. Readings, cases and assignments emphasize students' understanding of learning theories and their application to various organizational settings.

Credit Only Granted for: EDHI670 or EDUC670.

Formerly: EDHI670.

EDUC671 Education Law, Finance and Policy (3 Credits)

An examination of the way judicial interpretation of common, statutory, and constitutional law shapes and constrains educational policy making. In addition, this course is designed to introduce students to issues related to the financing and resource management of public elementary and secondary schools and school systems in the United States. All discussions include dimensions of both theory and practice and specifically address reform in terms of alternatives to current practice.

EDUC689 Practicum In Educational Administration and Supervision (1-3 Credits)

Promotes skill development in managerial, leadership and supervisory areas. Practicum is based on results of diagnostic instruments and an individual professional development plan.

Repeatable to: 3 credits if content differs.

EDUC698 Advanced Topics in Education (1-3 Credits)

Arranged study on specific topics in education.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Repeatable to: 6 credits if content differs.

EDUC701 Applied Research and Data Based Decision Making for School Leaders (3 Credits)

This course focuses on understanding school system data including student assessments, teacher and administrator evaluations and other program data. Ed.D. students will learn to evaluate the technical characteristics and implications for use of such data as well as how to design instruments to collect needed data.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC701 or EDHI701.

Formerly: EDHI701.

EDUC702 Applied Research Design for Education Leaders (3 Credits)

Emphasizes quantitative and qualitative methodologies to investigate a range of educational problems. Designed for EdD doctoral students.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC702 or EDHI702.

Formerly: EDHI 702.

EDUC703 Conducting Library Research for Capstones (2 Credits)

Course is designed to provide students in the Ed.D. doctoral program in School System Leadership with the skills necessary to conduct library research in preparation for developing the literature review for the Capstone.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education; and must be enrolled in EdD in School System Leadership.

EDUC704 Introduction to Writing for Education Leaders (2 Credits)

This course is designed to provide students in the Ed.D. program with specific strategies and skills needed to complete their Dissertation of Practice. Skills include constructing a problem statement and developing a cohesive argument for a proposed solution.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education and Must be in EdD School System Leadership program.

EDUC705 Education Policy Making and the School Leader (4 Credits)

Course analyzes educational K-12 policies and their impacts on school systems and the leadership of those systems

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC705 or EDPL663.

Formerly: EDPL663.

EDUC740 Managing Educational Organizations in a Diverse Society (4 Credits)

Contemporary social and cultural influences that impact on the management of schools and school systems in a diverse society. The effects on schools and school systems of changes in the economy, family structure, demographics and technology will be examined.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC740 or EDHI740.

Formerly: EDHI740.

EDUC747 Advanced Seminar on Instructional Improvement for School Leaders (4 Credits)

Course addresses current issues, research, trends, and problems in the areas of instructional improvement and the responsibilities of school-based administrators in improving student learning.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC747 or EDHI747.

Formerly: EDHI747.

EDUC760 The Human Dimension in Administration (4 Credits)

Course focuses on theory, research findings, and current practices in managing human resources in educational organizations. Issues related to performance evaluations, professional development, and legal and ethical standards are addressed.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC760 or EDHI760.

Formerly: EDHI760.

EDUC767 Seminar on School District Leadership (4 Credits)

Examination of theory and research related to school district leadership with focus on improvement sciences. Course uses improvement science model to understand organizational, political, community, instructional problems of practice.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC767 or EDHI767.

Formerly: EDHI767.

EDUC770 System Innovation and Transformation (4 Credits)

Course is designed to provide EdD students understanding how complex systems improve performance and connect educational and social objectives to goals of innovation and efficiency.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Credit Only Granted for: EDUC769, EDHI788M, or EDUC770.

Formerly: EDHI788M.

EDUC773 Seminar in School Finance and Resource Management (4 Credits)

Issues related to financing and resource management in US K-12 public education systems will be investigated including how various levels of government support public education, and the revenue-generating tools they use. A major theme throughout the course will be on how the values and concepts of educational equity drive the distribution of revenue to schools and how to use data to create . a school-level resourcing plan that provides access and opportunities to learning for every student.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Restriction: Must be in the Ed.D. School System Leadership program.

EDUC828 Mid-Program Evaluation Portfolio (2-6 Credits)

Students will examine issues of performance assessment and develop a professional portfolio that follow NELP standards and assessment criteria and will compile and synthesize research/inquiry and experiential learning and reflections that demonstrate mastery of the standards.

Restriction: Permission of instructor and Must be in Ed.D. in School Leadership program.

Repeatable to: 12 credits.

EDUC829 Doctoral Capstone (1-6 Credits)

The completion of a doctoral capstone is required for all professional practice doctoral students, allowing demonstration of excellence in professional practice in the field of education leadership. The topic, activities, and outcomes related to the doctoral capstone must be approved by the doctoral advisor and capstone committee and presented and defended by the student.

Prerequisite: EDUC828.

Restriction: Successful completion of mid-program evaluation.

Repeatable to: 12 credits.

EDUC888 Applied Apprenticeship in Education (1-3 Credits)

Apprentice practice under professional supervision in an area of competence compatible with the student's professional goals.

Restriction: Permission of EDUC-College of Education.

Repeatable to: 12 credits.

EDUC898 Pre-Candidacy Research (2-4 Credits)

Pre-Candidacy Research

Repeatable to: 12 credits.

EDUC899 Dissertation of Practice Research (1-6 Credits)

Registration required to the extent of 6-9 hours for an Ed.D. Dissertation.

Repeatable to: 9 credits.