BISI - Biological Sciences

BISI701 Teaching & Professional Development in Biology (1 Credit)

Provides graduate students in the biological sciences with the foundational knowledge to become better teaching assistants and gives them an introduction into the skills and tools that they need to develop as professional scientists and educators.Cross-listed with ENTM701.

Credit Only Granted for: ENTM701, BISI688Z, CBMG688Z, or BIOL701.

Formerly: BISI688Z, CBMG688Z, BIOL701.

Additional Information: Priority in enrollment will be given to students in the BISI Graduate Program.

BISI708 Advanced Topics in Biological Sciences (1-3 Credits)

Lectures, experimental courses, and other special instructions in various areas of biological sciences.

Repeatable to: 8 credits if content differs.

BISI712 Responsible Conduct of Research for Biologists (1 Credit)

An exploration of the ethical dimensions associated with the responsible conduct of scientific research focusing on providing students with practical insights into the existing norms and expectations of working scientists.

Credit Only Granted for: BISI712, BISI688B, or CBMG688B.

Formerly: BISI688B and CBMG688B.

BISI799 Master's Thesis Research (1-6 Credits)

Repeatable to: 99 credits.

BISI898 Pre-Candidacy Research (1-8 Credits)

Restriction: Must be in Biological Sciences (Doctoral) program.

BISI899 Doctoral Dissertation Research (1-8 Credits)