AGNR - Agriculture and Natural Resources

AGNR489 Field Experience (1-4 Credits)

Credit according to time scheduled and organization of the course. A lecture series organized to study in depth a selected phase of agriculture not normally associated with one of the existing programs.

Restriction: Permission of AGNR-College of Agriculture & Natural Resources.

Repeatable to: 4 credits if content differs.

Formerly: AGRI489.

AGNR499 Special Problems (1-3 Credits)

Formerly: AGRI499.

AGNR606 Program Planning and Evaluation in Agricultural Education (2-3 Credits)

Second semester. Analysis of community agricultural education needs, selection and organization of course content, criteria and procedures for evaluating programs.

Formerly: AGRI606.

AGNR630 Teaching-Learning in Adult and Continuing Education (3 Credits)

The teaching/learning process in adult continuing education. Instructional techniques and methodologies appropriate for adults. The curriculum development process. Issues and priorities in adult continuing education.

Formerly: AGRI630.

AGNR661 Rural Community Analysis (3 Credits)

Communities as social systems composed of organizations which interact in a system of cultural institutions, norms, and values. Functional and structural linkages between organizations within as well as outside the community; rural vs. urban similarities and differences; and the role of the social processes such as competition, cooperation and conflict in the context of community power and leadership structure.

Formerly: AGRI661.

AGNR699 Special Problems (1-3 Credits)

Formerly: AGRI699.

AGNR789 Special Topics (1-3 Credits)

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.

Formerly: AGRI789.

AGNR798 Seminar in Rural Education (1-3 Credits)

Problems in the organization, administration, and supervision of the several agencies of rural and/or vocational education.

Repeatable to: 8 credits if content differs.

Formerly: AGRI798.

AGNR799 Master's Thesis Research (1-6 Credits)

Formerly: AGRI799.

AGNR888 Apprenticeship in Education (1-8 Credits)

Apprenticeships in the major area of study are available to selected students whose application for an apprenticeship has been approved by the education faculty. Each apprentice is assigned to work for at least a semester full-time or the equivalent with an appropriate agency. The sponsor of the apprentice maintains a close working relationship with the apprentice and the other persons involved.

Prerequisite: Must have completed 6 credits in Education at the University of Maryland.

Restriction: Must have experience and must have a master's degree.

Formerly: AGRI888.

AGNR889 Internship in Education (3-8 Credits)

Internships in the major area of study for experienced students who are assigned to an appropriate school system, educational institution, or agency in a situation different than that in which the student is regularly employed.

Formerly: AGRI889.

AGNR899 Doctoral Dissertation Research (1-8 Credits)

Formerly: AGRI899.