TDPS - Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies

TDPS408 Seminar in Theory and Practice of Critical Difference (3 Credits)

This interdisciplinary seminar examines expressive culture as performed in works of dance, theatre, music, and digital media.

Repeatable to: 6 credits if content differs.

TDPS440 Arts Leadership Seminar (3 Credits)

An advanced seminar in arts leadership exposing students to the foundations of arts leadership in not-for-profit organizations as it intersects with current trends in technology, demographics, government policy, and the economy. In case studies based on examples drawn from local arts organizations, students will learn about audience engagement as well as institutional development terminology and best practices.Cross-listed with: ARHU440.

Credit Only Granted for: TDPS4440 or ARHU440.

TDPS458 Special Topics in Advanced Performing Arts (1-3 Credits)

Designed for performing arts students. Offers instruction at an advanced level in various aspects of performance such as Voice for the Performing Arts, Movement for the Performing Arts, Acting for the Performing Arts, Partner Dance and a myriad of specific aspects within these genres.

Prerequisite: Permission of ARHU-School of Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies department.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.

TDPS469 Advanced Practicum in Stage Management (1-3 Credits)

A graded course in stage management for theatre and/or dance productions. A hands-on laboratory experience.

Prerequisite: Minimum of 2 credits from TDPS479.

Restriction: Permission of ARHU-School of Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies department.

Repeatable to: 9 credits.

TDPS479 Production Practicum (1-3 Credits)

A graded course in a specified practical aspect of mounting a theatre or dance production. It is a hands-on, purely laboratory experience.

Prerequisite: TDPS201.

Repeatable to: 10 credits if content differs.

Credit Only Granted for: TDPS479 or THET479.

Formerly: THET479.

TDPS789 Professional Development in Dance and Theatre (1 Credit)

This course will introduce graduate students to the academic job market, competitive fellowships, and ALT-AC (alternative academic) careers. Topics will include the interdisciplinary job market, cover letters, cv's, teaching and research statements, the teaching/artist portfolio, the diversity statement, interfolio, letters of recommendation, writing samples, websites, interviewing, and careers beyond academia.

Repeatable to: 4 credits. Cross-listed with: AMST789.

Formerly: THET669K, DANC689F.