BSOS - Behavioral and Social Sciences

BSOS438 Special Topics in Study Abroad IV (1-6 Credits)

Special topics course taken as part of an approved study abroad program.

Repeatable to: 15 credits if content differs.

BSOS448 Teaching Assistant Practicum (1-6 Credits)

Supervised practicum for teaching assistants for BSOS/UNIV courses.

Repeatable to: 9 credits.

BSOS678 Special Topics in Justice Leadership (3 Credits)

Crime and Criminal Justice in Vietnam. Issues that will be focused on the present situation of crime in Vietnam; causes and conditions of criminal activities; include crime forecasting and crime prevention in Vietnam. Also, provides comprehensive overview on the Criminal Justice System in Vietnam and relations among authorities.

Repeatable to: 18 credits if content differs.

BSOS685 Big-Data Analysis on the BSOS HPC Cluster (2 Credits)

Social media are a primary source of information on social interaction and personal interests. High-performance computing (HPC) is employed to search for hidden pattern and unknown correlations using advanced machine-learning algorithms available in python and R packages. The main steps of Natural Language Processing and big-data analysis are being worked out, from examining random samples to analyzing large data sets via in-memory Monte-Carlo applications and neural networks.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed a least one college-level statistics course.

Recommended: A working knowledge of python or R is expected.

Restriction: Students must be enrolled in a BSOS graduate program; or permission of instructor.

Credit Only Granted for: BSOS385, BSOS685, or BSOS688B.

Formerly: BSOS688B.