MITH - Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

MITH498 Special Topics in Applied Digital Humanities (3 Credits)

An introduction to special topics, and technical approaches, for theoretically grounded humanities and social sciences digital research. Class meetings will introduce students to a variety of technical approaches potentially applicable to the specific topical foci; the theoretical basis for selecting, evaluating, and modifying technical approaches; and best practices in project management.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.

MITH610 Introduction to Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanities (3 Credits)

An introduction to digital studies in the arts and humanities, broadly conceived as the critical, creative, and practical engagement with digital media, methods, tools, and experiences, as well as the theoretical and conceptual bases for understanding them.

MITH729 Colloquium in Digital Studies (1 Credit)

Colloquium in support of the ARHU-MITH Graduate Certificate in Digital Studies. We will meet periodically (approximately 4-5 times a semester) to read and discuss current work in the field, interact with visiting speakers, share work in progress, learn new tools and methods, and hear research presentations from one another.

Repeatable to: 3 credits.