Graduate School Services

The Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion (OGDI)

The Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to fostering a supportive University environment for graduate students from under-represented and under-served groups. OGDI provides campus leadership for identifying, recruiting, retaining, and graduating a diverse graduate student body. The Office’s programs and services aim to attract new students, to build a collaborative and cooperative community, and to promote professional development among graduate students to ensure academic success.  It’s initiatives include, but are not limited to:  conducting student recruitment activities, including campus visits, supporting summer undergraduate research programs; building a supportive community through collaboration with graduate student organizations; sponsoring programs and activities designed to foster professional development, including workshops and seminars on academic and research skills, retention initiatives, and preparing graduate students for the professoriate and other careers. The Office also assists the University’s various colleges and departments in creating an environment supportive of the academic success of historically under-represented and under-served graduate students. The Office can be reached at 2100B Lee Building, 301-405-0763, and by visiting the OGDI website.

Ombuds Office for Graduate Students

The Ombuds Office for Graduate Students seeks to ensure that the graduate student voice is heard and that problems receive impartial attention. The Ombuds Office is available to all graduate students with questions or concerns related to their graduate experience. The Ombuds Office provides confidential, informal, and independent assistance to resolve conflicts, and promotes fair and equitable treatment within the University. The office can be reached at 2103 Lee Building, 301-405-3132.

Graduate Legal Aid Office

The Graduate Legal Aid Office provides free legal advice, referrals, and assistance to currently registered University of Maryland graduate students. Staff members give general legal advice on a wide variety of matters, including landlord-tenant issues, consumer problems, traffic accidents, uncontested divorces, and University-related matters. The Office provides direct legal assistance in routine matters, but cannot sue on behalf of students or represent them in court. The Office is staffed eight hours a week for student interviews; staff members see students on a walk-in basis and by appointment. Walk-in and appointment schedules are posted on the Office door. The Office cannot handle disputes between graduate students (though the Ombudsperson for Graduate Students may be consulted for assistance in these disputes) and does not provide emergency services. For more information, consult the Graduate Student Legal Aid Office website.

English Editing for International Graduate Students

The English Editing for International Graduate Students (EEIGS) program offers editing services for international graduate students who must present required seminar papers, theses and dissertations in English. This program is staffed by volunteers from the University's "Retired Volunteer Service Corps" and the Golden I. D. Group, and by volunteers from other University and non-University sources. These services are free.

The EEIGS program operates as follows:

  • The names and telephone numbers of volunteer editors on whom students may call may be obtained by visiting the EEIGS website.
  • The student will be responsible for contacting a volunteer editor to arrange for the editing services. If an arrangement does not work out satisfactorily, either the student or the volunteer editor may discontinue it. The student may then seek another volunteer editor.
  • The student should allow a reasonable amount of time for the editing services. Documents cannot be edited on very short notice.
  • Editing services are expected to take place on the University of Maryland campus. The student will be responsible for finding working space (for example, an empty classroom or office in the student's department).
  • The student is expected to inform the Director of Graduate Studies of the department in which he or she is majoring about the aid being received through this program.

Graduate students and other members of the University of Maryland community may also offer English language services for a fee. Graduate students in the Department of English who are available for this service, for example, can be contacted through the Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English, 3101 Susquehanna Hall.

Health Insurance

Because the service provided by the Health Center is limited and many students do not have adequate health insurance coverage, a voluntary group insurance policy (United Health Care) is available to graduate students. This policy provides benefits at reasonable rates for hospital, surgery, emergency, laboratory, and x-ray services; some coverage for mental health; and contains a major hospital provision. Students may elect to have family coverage. For information on the United Health Care plan, please visit the University Health Center website. United Health Care offers online enrollment at

Teaching, research, and graduate assistants are eligible for the State Employee Insurance Plan options. Further information can be obtained from the student's graduate program payroll and benefits coordinator or the University Human Relations' Benefits Office.

Graduate fellows can apply for health insurance coverage through United Health as well. Effective Fall Semester 2005, the Graduate School will provide a reimbursement of 50% of the United Health insurance premium for individual coverage to full-time graduate students who are supported on full fellowships funded by the Graduate School through the University and Dean's Fellowship program. Subsidy of coverage for dependents will not be available. Funding for fellows' health insurance reimbursement is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. To obtain more information, please visit our Graduate School website.