LASC - Certificate in Latin American Studies

LASC448 Special Topics in Latin American Studies (3 Credits)

Intensive study of a selected topic related to Latin American Studies.

Restriction: Junior standing or higher.

Repeatable to: 6 credits if content differs.

LASC458 Senior Capstone Course in Latin American Studies (3 Credits)

Capstone course for advanced students in the Latin American Studies Certificate Program or other students with appropriate preparation. Interdisciplinary topics will vary each semester.

Prerequisite: LASC234 and LASC235; or permission of ARHU-School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures department.

Restriction: Must be in Latin American Studies Certificate program; and senior standing.

LASC486 Internship in Latin American/Caribbean Studies (1-6 Credits)

Internship experience with an organization that works with or studies Latin American and/or the Caribbean. This is an experiential learning course that provides semester-long training that enriches the student's academic field of study and the LASC Certificate. Students submit a final written report of their experience, including critical analysis of the institutional relevance to their major field of study and to Latin American Studies. Students will also be asked to give an oral presentation.

Prerequisite: Student must have completed at least two LASC courses, one of which must be a required/core course (LASC/SPAN234, LASC/SPAN235, LASC/HIST250, or LASC/HIST251); and permission of Latin American Studies Center required.

Restriction: Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5; and must have earned a minimum of 60 credits.

Additional Information: The course is primarily intended for students seeking the Certificate in Latin American Studies, but exceptions will be considered for students with educational or career interests which lie in this area. Student internships must be approved by the Director, and students must secure an appropriate faculty mentor for the internship course. An internship course will be approved only if a faculty supervisor is available.

LASC499 Independent Study in Latin American Studies (1-3 Credits)

Independent Study in Latin American Studies.

Restriction: Permission of instructor.

LASC648 Special Topics in Latin American Studies (1-3 Credits)

Intensive study of a selected topic related to Latin America, the Caribbean, or Latina/o Studies.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.