HLHP - Health and Human Performance

HLHP615 Crises of Aging: Time, Retirement and Widowhood (3 Credits)

A cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary investigation of phenomena which comprise a significant portion of the issues confronting an older adult's life: (1) introduction to multiple processes of adulthood and aging; (2) the concepts and meaning of time; (3) pre-retirement and retirement adjustments; and (4) loss and widowhood.

Formerly: PERH615.

HLHP625 Issues in Retirement: Theory and Practice (3 Credits)

Multidisciplinary examination of retirement phenomena, including theories of transition, government and private sector policies, social expectations, physical correlates, personal adjustments, and economic consequences. Emphasis upon research utilization.

Formerly: PERH625.

HLHP688 Field Work in Aging (1-6 Credits)

Sequences of supervised field experience in the field of aging, including direct service, administration, research, or training. Emphasis on career exploration and assessment in relation to the field of aging.

Prerequisite: Permission of SPHL-School of Public Health.

Formerly: PERH688.

HLHP689 Selected Problems in Health, Physical Education and Recreation (1-6 Credits)

Research projects in special areas in health, physical education and/or recreation which have interdisciplinary implications not covered in structured courses.

Formerly: PERH689.

HLHP780 Interdisciplinary Issues in Aging (3 Credits)

Multidisciplinary approaches to the processes of aging to achieve a more holistic understanding. Pedagogical research dissemination, peer instruction, guest lecturing, and informal discussion. The demonstration of the multilateral nature of growing older. Discussion of cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research proposals.

Formerly: PERH780.