Aerospace Engineering, Master of Science (M.S.)

Thesis option: 30 credits
Non-thesis option: 30 credits

At least 12 of the 30 credits are to be in the main discipline. No more than 9 credits may be at the 400 level of which no more than 6 credits may be from department courses. For the thesis option, 6 credits of ENAE799 are required as well as the successful defense of the M.S. thesis. For the non-thesis option, students must write a scholarly paper.

Course Title Credits
Core requirement
Select 24 credits of coursework 124
Thesis or Non-thesis option6
Master's Thesis Research
Six additional credits of coursework
Scholarly paper is required
Specialization Options
Aerodynamics and Propulsion
Structural Mechanics and Composites
Space Systems
Flight Dynamics, Stability and Control
Total Credits30

Minimum of 12 credits (four courses) in main study discipline (600 level or above). Maximum of nine credits (3 courses) at the 400 level, of which not more than six credits may be department courses.