Anthropology, Master of Applied Anthropology (M.A.A.)

Non-thesis only: 42 credits

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Core Courses:
ANTH601Applied Anthropology3
ANTH606Qualitative Methods in Applied Anthropology3
ANTH760Development of Social/Cultural Theory3
ANTH722Ecological Anthropology3
ANTH630Quantification and Statistics in Applied Anthropology3
ANTH740Theories of the Past and Accomplishments of Archaeology3
Internship Sequence:
ANTH701Anthropology Internship Preparation3
ANTH712Anthropology Internship Analysis3
Supporting Coursework12
Total Credits42

The program requires 42 credit hours of coursework, including a core sequence (18 credit hours), an internship sequence (12 credit hours), and a sequence of individually approved courses that are related to a chosen domain of application (12 credit hours). MAA students must satisfactorily complete an internship proposal review with their advisory committee before beginning the internship, which is normally completed during the summer term between the first and second years of the program. Students are also required to present the results of their internship in a departmental colloquium prior to graduation. There is no thesis requirement.