Applied Economics, Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.)

Non-thesis only: 30 credits 

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Core Courses:15
Microeconomic Analysis
Topics in Applied Macroeconomics
Empirical Analysis I: Foundations of Empirical Research
Empirical Analysis II: Introduction to Economic Models
Empirical Analysis III: Econometric Modeling and Forecasting
Select five of the following field courses:15
Financial Economics
Economics of Health Care
Program Analysis and Evaluation
Information, Game Theory and Market Design
Economic Analysis of Law
Environmental Economics
Economic Development
International Macroeconomics and Finance
Applied Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
Total Credits30

The MPEC program emphasizes quantitative applied analysis.  The curriculum includes all aspects of econometric modeling (including data collection, management and analysis) and incorporates hands-on STATA exercises into instruction.  Courses provide students with rigorous training in economic reasoning, and the formulation and estimation of empirical economic models, with particular emphasis on using quantitative methods to evaluate policy proposals and programs. The 10-course program includes 5 'core courses' and 5 ‘field courses’.  The 5 core courses include 2 applied theory courses (micro and macro) and a 3-course empirical analysis sequence.  The field courses allow students to apply the tools learned in the core courses to specific fields of economics and public policy analysis.