Astronomy, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Students choose a research stream depending on their interest within the field. Courses beyond the required eight are sometimes necessary for advanced research. This will be assessed by the student's thesis committee.

Advance to Candidacy: In addition to the coursework below,  students must complete and present a research project in the second year of graduate study and pass the Thesis Proposal Defense in their third year. The Thesis Proposal Defense includes a thesis proposal write-up, an oral presentation of the thesis proposal, and a questions/discussion session on topics relevant to the thesis research. Admission to candidacy is based on course work, the second-year research project, and the Thesis Proposal Defense.

Post-candidacy: Complete at least 12 credits of ASTR899 Doctoral Dissertation Research and successfully defend a dissertation. 

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Complete at least six of the following courses:18
Radiative Processes
Stellar Structure and Evolution
Astronomical Instrumentation and Techniques
Computational Astrophysics
Planetary Science
Interstellar Medium and Gas Dynamics
High Energy Astrophysics
ASTR699Special Problems in Advanced Astronomy1-6
or ASTR898 Pre-Candidacy Research
ASTR695Introduction to Research1
Dissertation Research Requirements
ASTR899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits32-37