Astronomy, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Select eight 3-4 credit graduate courses 124-32
ASTR699Special Problems in Advanced Astronomy1-6
or ASTR898 Pre-Candidacy Research
ASTR695Introduction to Research1
Dissertation Research Requirements
ASTR899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits38-51

Course requirements for the PhD in Astronomy currently consist of eight courses, at least six of which must come from the nine principal Astronomy graduate courses ASTR601, ASTR606, ASTR610, ASTR615, ASTR620, ASTR622, ASTR630, ASTR670, and ASTR680. A qualifying exam based on these courses is given in the summer after the second year. A research project is required of all students in the second year of graduate study. Admission to the PhD program is based on course work, the research project and the qualifier.

Students choose a research stream depending on their interest within the field. Courses beyond the required eight are sometimes necessary for advanced research. This will be assessed by the student's thesis committee.