Behavioral and Community Health, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The PhD in Behavioral and Community Health is an 82 credit program depending on the number of course requirements that can or cannot be waived. This is a research-intensive degree that prepares students for individual research that results in a dissertation.

Advance to Candidacy: In addition to the coursework below, students must also pass a Qualifying Exam. 

Post-candidacy: Students must complete at least 12 credits of HLTH899 Doctoral Dissertation Research and successfully defend a dissertation. 

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
SPHL600Foundations of Public Health3
SPHL602Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics4
SPHL603Public Health Data Laboratory1
SPHL611Public Health Ethics1
or SPHL612 Research Ethics
MIEH600Foundations of Environmental Health3
HLSA601Introduction to Health Systems3
EPIB697Public Health Data Management3
Advanced EPIB course3
HLTH609Public Health Journal Club1
HLTH625Community Assessment through Qualitative Methods3
HLTH665Health Behavior I: Theoretical Foundations of Health Behavior3
HLTH672Public Health Informatics3
HLTH710Methods and Techniques of Research3
HLTH776Community Health Program Evaluation3
HLTH780Community Health3
HLTH666Health Behavior II: Applying Health Behavior Theory3
HLTH652Quantitative Research Methods I in Public health3
HLTH653Quantitative Research Methods II in Public Health3
HLTH711Advanced Research Methods in Health3
HLTH712Applied Research Methods in Behavioral and Community Health3
HLTH898Pre-Candidacy Research6
Dissertation Research Requirements
HLTH899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits82