Bioengineering, Master of Science (M.S.)

Thesis only: 30 credits 

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
BIOE610Mathematical Methods in Bioengineering3
BIOE612Physiological Evaluation of Bioengineering Designs3
Restricted Electives (chosen with advisor)6
Unrestricted Electives (chosen with advisor)12
BIOE799Master's Thesis Research6
Total Credits30

The terminal M.S. degree is intended for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of bioengineering through research, beyond what is available at the B.S. level. Therefore, the M.S. program involves both coursework and a well-defined research project culminating in a M.S. thesis. The M.S. program may be suitable for top UMD undergraduates engaged in research via an individualized, combined B.S. / M.S. program. A combined M.D. / M.S. program is also available. It should be noted, however, that due to limited resources, the department does not actively recruit students to its M.S. program. Students interested in the M.S. program should contact the Bioengineering Graduate Office prior to submitting an application.