Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Master of Science (M.S.)

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
BIOI601Probability and Statistics3
BIOI602Principles of Data Science3
BIOI603Principles of Machine Learning3
BIOI604 (Principles of Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Genomics)3
BIOI605 (Data Sources and Data Management in Bioinformatics)3
BIOI606 (Sequence and Alignment)3
BIOI607 (Data Structures and Algorithms for Bioinformatics)3
BIOI610 (Genome Annotation)3
BIOI611 (Analysis of Gene Expression Data)3
Elective Requirement (choose one of the following):3
(Genome Assembly and Annotation)
(Metagenomics Data Analysis)
(Capstone Research)
Total Credits30