Business Administration, Doctor of Business Administration(D.B.A)

All students are required to complete a minimum of 54 credit hours beyond a bachelor’s degree or 30 credit hours beyond a master’s degree. Typically, students will take 42 credits in the following categories: Research Tools and Methodologies (10 – 12 credits), courses in the student’s major field of study (22 – 24 credits), and practice-focused elective courses (10 – 12 credits). All students should take 12 credits of the capstone project research in addition to the coursework for graduation eligibility. For those entering with only a Bachelor’s degree in any area, there will be an additional 12 credits of coursework requirements. In addition to passing each course, students are required to successfully pass their capstone project proposal before registering for the capstone project course. Finally, students must successfully complete their capstone project to graduate the program.

The course listing below provides courses that meet the research tools and methodologies, major field of study, and practice-focused elective courses. Students are not required to take all of the courses listed nor are they limited to these courses. Some coursework is interdisciplinary in that students may take a course in another concentration to fulfill their specialization requirement. For example, BDBA820 Applied Microeconomics for Business can be used to complete the research tools and methodologies requirements of the Information Systems concentration and the Marketing (quantitative track) concentration. All course registration plans must be approved by the DBA Faculty Coordinator. 

Course Title Credits
Research Tools & Methodologies
BDBA620 (Data Models and Decisions)2
BDBA621 (Managerial Economics and Public Policy)2
BDBA720 (Data Mining and Predictive Analysis)2
BDBA820 (Applied Microeconomics for Business)3
BDBA830 (Applied Multivariate Analysis)2
BDBA640 (Financial Econometrics I)2
BDBA641 (Financial Econometrics II)2
BDBA642 (Financial Mathematics)2
BDBA643 (Financial Programming)2
BDBA848(A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in FIN)1-4
BDBA752 (Market-Based Management)3
BDBA753 (Consumer Analysis)3
BDBA754 (Statistical Programming)3
BDBA755 (Marketing Research & Analysis)3
Course Title Credits
Practice Focused Elective Courses
BDBA702 (Decision Analytics)2
BDBA703 (Data Mining and Predictive Analysis)2
BDBA708(A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in Information Systems)1-4
BDBA747 (A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in FIN Asset Management)1-4
BDBA748 (A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in FIN Corporate Finance)1-4
BDBA758(A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in MKT)1-4
BDBA857 (A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in MKT (CB))1-4
BDBA858 (A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in MKT (Quant))1-4
Course Title Credits
Major Field of Study Electives
BDBA600 (Strategic and Transformational IT)2
BDBA601 (Managing Digital Business Markets)2
BDBA701 (Project Management in Dynamic Environments)2
BMGT801 (Research Methods in Information Systems)2
BDBA802 (Institutions, Firms, and Collectives)2
BDBA803 (Quality Transparency and the Value of Information Systems)2
BDBA804 (Research in Strategy and IS I)2
BDBA805 (Research in Strategy and IS II)2
BDBA806 (Information Systems Economics I)2
BDBA807 (Information Systems II)2
BDBA808 (A-Z) (Special Topics in DBA in Information Systems)1-4
BDBA644 (Financial Management)2
BDBA645 (Advanced Capital Markets)2
BDBA646 (Valuation in Corporate Finance)2
BDBA647 (Derivative Securities)2
BDBA740 (Applied Equity Analysis)2
BDBA741 (Fixed Income Analysis)2
BDBA742 (Portfolio Management)2
BDBA743 (International Investment)2
BDBA744 (Financial Strategy for Corporation)2
BDBA745 (Corporate Governance and Performance)2
BDBA746 (International Corporate and Project Finance)2
BDBA840 (Seminar in Financial Theory)3
BDBA841 (Seminar in Corporate Finance)3
BDBA842 (Topics in Empirical Corporate Finance)3
BDBA843 (Seminar in Asset Pricing)3
BDBA750 (Innovation and Product Management)2
BDBA751 (Integrated Brand Management)2
BDBA752 (Market-Based Management)3
BDBA753 (Consumer Analysis)3
BDBA754 (Statistical Programming)3
BDBA755 (Marketing Research & Analysis)3
BDBA756 (Advanced Marketing Analytics)3
BDBA757 (Data Science)3
BDBA850 (Seminar in Marketing Strategy)2
BDBA851 (Seminar in Consumer Behavior)3
BDBA852 (Seminar in Marketing Models)3
BDBA853 (Seminar in Structural Models)2
BDBA854 (Seminar in Analytical Models)2
BDBA855 (Seminar in MCMC Estimation)2
BDBA856 (Experimental Design)2
Course Title Credits
Capstone Project12
(Capstone Project)