Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Non-thesis only: 54 credits required 

The Robert H. Smith School of Business offers an MBA program designed to provide the educational foundation for those students with the potential to exhibit the highest degree of excellence in future careers as professional managers. The MBA program requires 54 credits of coursework, which is normally four semesters for a full-time student. There is no thesis requirement. Successful students in the program are expected to demonstrate the following:

  1. a thorough and integrated knowledge of the basic tools, concepts, and theories relating to professional management;
  2. behavioral and analytical skills necessary to deal creatively and effectively with organizations and management problems;
  3. an understanding of the economic, political, technological, and social environments in which organizations operate;
  4. a sense of professional and personal integrity and social responsibility in the conduct of managerial affairs both internal and external to the organization.

Students whose cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0 will be placed on probation and will be given a specified amount of time to raise the average to a 3.0. Failure to do so will result in academic dismissal from the program. Maryland MBA graduates obtain employment in a wide spectrum of organizations at highly competitive starting salaries.

Part-time MBA students complete the BUSI designated courses. Full-time MBA students complete the BUSM designated courses.

Please note: MBA students are required to complete a minimum of 22 core credits of required courses. The number of required credits could increase due to program design and some courses having variable credits between 2 and 3. Please consult with your program advisor before registering for required courses. 

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
BUSI610/BUSM602Introduction to Financial Accounting2
BUSI611/BUSM616Managerial Accounting2
BUSI/BUSM621Digital Transformation in Business2
BUSI630/BUSM606Data Driven Decision Making2
BUSI634/BUSM624Operations Management2
BUSI640/BUSM610Corporate Finance2
BUSI650/BUSM612Marketing Management2
BUSI662/BUSM600Leadership and Teamwork2
BUSI681/BUSM604Managerial Economics and Public Policy2
BUSI683/BUSM626The Global Economic Environment2
BUSI690/BUSM614Strategic Management2
Electives approved by advisor32
Total Credits54