Business Administration and Social Work (BMSW)

Graduate Degree Program
R.H. Smith School of Business / Maryland School of Social Work


In social service agencies, financial and business expertise combined with social work practice, knowledge, and experience is invaluable. The MBA and MSW degrees complement each other and provide graduates with a combination of knowledge, experience, and values necessary in business and the human services system.

Candidates must apply for admission to the School of Social Work and also to the MBA program at College Park and must be admitted to both programs. Information about the MSW program can be found at


MBA program information is available online at Please contact us at:

MBA/MS Admissions
2303 Van Munching Hall
7699 Mowatt Lane
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Telephone: 301.405.2559​




  • Letter of Recommendation (1)
  • Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) - optional
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) - optional
  • CV/Resume
  • M.S.W. Application: Social Work (MSW) Requirements: applicants should check with the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Applicants must apply to each program separately and be accepted by both programs.


Type of Applicant Fall Deadline
Domestic Applicants
US Citizens and Permanent Residents August 1, 2025
International Applicants
F (student) or J (exchange visitor) visas,E,G,H,I and L visas and immigrants March 14, 2025


Other Deadlines: 
Program Website:
Application Process:

The Office of Career Services (OCS) provides dedicated, professional support to help students launch their careers. The center links students directly to recruiters through a variety of services, including on- and off-campus recruitment and the online resume database, which matches a Smith MBA to the right industry position. The OCS also participates in regional and national career forums and job fairs, such as the National MBA Consortium, the National Black MBA Conference, the National Hispanic MBA Conference, the National Association of Women MBA’s Conference, and the Career Services Council. The Smith School is located in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia corridor. This region offers one of the highest concentrations of culture, diversity, and career opportunities in the country.