Climate Policy and Action, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (P.B.C.)

Course Title Credits
PLCYXXX (Climate Policy for a 1.5C World)3
PLCY798Readings in Public Policy (PLCY798W Thriving in a changing climate: Policies and actions for climate resilience)3
One of the following courses:3
Environmental Ethics
Readings in Public Policy (PLCY798K Integrated Human Earth Systems Modeling and Analysis)
Readings in Public Policy (PLCY798N Energy and Climate Economics)
Selected Topics Public Policy (PLCY699B Intersections of Technology and Policy: Modernizing the Energy System)
Elective course requirement (choose one of the following):3
Public Policy Topics (PLCY689I Social-Ecological Systems, Climate, and Development in Indonesia)
Public Policy Topics (PLCY689L Influence of Science on Policy, and of Policy on Science)
Selected Topics Public Policy (PLCY699Z Energy Policy)
Public Policy and the Environment
Global Environmental Problems
Environment and Development
Human Health and Environmental Policy
Readings in Public Policy (PLCY798F Climate Finance )
Readings in Public Policy (PLCY798T Climate Change, Human Community, and Ecological Loss in the Peruvian Amazon and Andes)
Any other climate policy course approved by specialization advisor
Total Credits12