Cloud Engineering (online), Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Non-thesis only: 30 credits required    

All Professional Master of Engineering Programs consist of 10 courses/30 credits. All students are expected to complete a preliminary course plan for their intended degree program. Degree planning worksheets can be found here:

Course Title Credits
Cloud Engineering Core (take two):6
ENPM665Cloud Security3
ENPM818N (Cloud Computing)3
Cloud Engineering Additional Core (choose at least 4):12
Note: Any taken over the 4 required count as preapproved technical electives.
ENPM818O (Networks and Protocols for Cloud Engineering)3
ENPM818P (Linux System Administration)3
ENPM818Q (Python Programming)3
ENPM818R (Virtualization and Container Technologies)3
ENPM818T (Data Storage and Databases)3
Cloud Engineering Pre-Approved Technical Electives (choose 4):12
ENPM611Software Engineering3
ENPM613Software Design & Implementation3
ENPM631TCP/IP Networking3
ENPM657Applied Cryptography3
ENPM686Information Assurance3
ENPM693Network Security3
ENPM808Advanced Topics in Engineering3
ENPM818F (Network Automation)3
ENPM809F (Internet of Things)3
ENPM809K (Fundamental Concepts of AI and Machine Learning, and Their Applications)3
ENPM809X (Data and Algorithms)3
Total Credits30