Community Planning and Physical Activity, Master of Community Planning and Master of Public Health, (dual degree) (M.C.P. and M.P.H.)

Course Title Credits
Community Planning core courses
URSP600Research Design and Application3
URSP601Research Methods3
URSP603Land Use Planning: Concepts and Techniques3
URSP604The Planning Process3
URSP605Planning History and Theory3
URSP606Planning Economics3
URSP673Community Development3
URSP688Recent Developments in Urban Studies (URSP688L - Planning Technology)3
Public Health core courses
SPHL601Core Concepts in Public Health1
SPHL602Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics4
SPHL603Public Health Data Laboratory1
SPHL610Program and Policy Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation5
SPHL611Public Health Ethics1
SPHL620Leadership, Teams, and Coalitions: Policy to Advocacy2
Public Health concentration courses12
Electives chosen with advisor12
Capstone and Internship
KNES778Practical Experience in Physical Activity and Public Health4
URSP708Community Planning Studio6
Total Credits72