Counseling Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Ph.D. students are expected to attain advanced skills as both practitioners and researchers in their area of specialization. All doctoral students are required to take advanced courses in statistics and research design. 

Advance to Candidacy: In addition to the course requirements below, students must successfully pass a comprehensive examination. 

Post-Candidacy: Students must complete at least 12 credits in 899 Doctoral Dissertation Research and successfully defend and submit a dissertation.  Students must also complete a year long full-time or two year long part-time internship.

Course Title Credits
Students must complete courses in the following five areas:
Individual Difference:3
Advanced Developmental Psychology
Affective Science Perspectives on Temperament & Personality
Social Development and Socialization Processes
Biological Bases of Behavior:
PSYC606Human Biopsychology3
or EDHD775 Human Development and Neuroscience
Cognitive or Affective Bases of Behavior:
Advanced Topics in Human-Learning and Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Development and Learning: An Introduction
Advanced Educational Psychology
Social Bases of Behavior:
PSYC604Fundamentals of Social Psychology3
History and Systems:
EDCP789Advanced Topics in Counseling and Personnel Services (EDCP789F - History of Mental Health and Psychological Science)3
or PSYC610 Historical Viewpoints and Current Theories in Psychology
Remainder of Coursework:
EDMS646General Linear Models I3
EDMS651General Linear Models II3
PSYC629Clinical Laboratory (variable credits)1-3
or EDCP789 Advanced Topics in Counseling and Personnel Services
PSYC638Externship in Professional Psychology (variable credits)1-3
or EDCP888 Apprenticeship in Counseling and Personnel Services
EDCP680Basic Didactic Practicum in Counseling Psychology3
PSYC/EDCP682Counseling Psychology Didactic Practicum in Group Interventions3
EDCP685Counseling Psychology Didactic Practicum in Counseling Supervision3
EDCP686Counseling Psychology Didactic Practicum in Career Interventions3
PSYC/EDCP690Research in Counseling Psychology I3
PSYC/EDCP691Research in Counseling Psychology II3
PSYC/EDCP692Assessment in Counseling Psychology I3
EDCP693Assessment in Counseling Psychology ii3
PSYC/EDCP695Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling Psychology3
EDCP697Multicultural Issues in Counseling Psychology3
PSYC/EDCP698Advanced Didactic Practicum in Counseling Psychology3
PSYC/EDCP700Theories and Strategies of Counseling Psychology3
PSYC/EDCP799Master's Thesis Research (at least six credits required)6
PSYC/EDCP898Pre-Candidacy Research (variable credits)1-8
PSYC639Internship in Professional Psychology2-3
or EDCP889 Internship in Counseling and Personnel Services
Dissertation Research Requirements
PSYC/EDCP899Doctoral Dissertation Research (after candidacy; 12 credits minimum)12
Total Credits77-89