Criminology and Criminal Justice, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Description of coursework: Doctoral students who enter the program with a B.A. or B.S. must complete the master's requirements in addition to the doctoral level requirements. Students who enter with a M.S. or M.A. are required to complete only the doctoral level requirements.

Students whose highest degree is a BA/BS may choose to apply for entry either into the Traditional Masters program or directly into the Ph.D. program. Students admitted directly into the Ph.D. program will complete the requirements of the Traditional Masters program before beginning Ph.D.-level work.

In addition to the general Graduate School requirements, competence in research methodology and in quantitative techniques is expected for the completion of the Ph.D. degree, as well as competence in theory and the criminal justice field. The necessary coursework is determined on the basis of the student's previous preparation, needs and interests.

Advance to Candidacy: In addition to the course requirements, students are required to pass a Qualifying Exam and a clinical assessment before advancing to candidacy.

Post-Candidacy: Students must complete at least 12 credits of 899 Doctoral Dissertation Research and successfully defend and submit a doctoral dissertation. 

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
CCJS699Special Criminological Problems (Research Practicum)3
CCJS654History of Criminological Thought3
CCJS700Advanced Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice3
CCJS710Advanced Statistics Methods - Limited Dependent Variables3
CCJS720Criminal Justice System Planning: Policy Analysis for Crime Control3
Electives, one of which taken outside of department15
Advanced Statistics course3
Dissertation Requirements
CCJS899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits45