Curation and Management of Digital Assets, Post-Masters Certificate (P.M.C.)

12 credits required 

The Curation and Management of Digital Assets (CMDA) Certificate is a post-master's program that focuses on instruction about and research into the creation, management, and use; the long-term preservation; and the current and future access to digital assets in a variety of disciplines and sectors of the economy. It is a four-course, fully online certificate designed for working professionals who need training in next-generation cloud computing technologies, tools, and resources to help them evaluate, select, and implement digital curation solutions.

The CMDA Certificate requires the completion of four courses, with a minimum 3.0 GPA. The following courses are taken in sequence within one calendar year.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
INST640Principles of Digital Curation3
INST641Policy and Ethics in Digital Curation3
INST742Implementing Digital Curation3
INST744Solving Problems in Digital Curation - Capstone Course3
Total Credits12