Economics (ECON)

Graduate Degree Program
College: Behavioral and Social Sciences


The Economics Program offers graduate study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. During the course of study toward the Ph.D., doctoral students also have the opportunity to obtain a Master of Arts degree. Areas of specialization include: Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics, Behavioral and Experimental  Economics, Comparative Institutional Economics, Econometrics, Economic Development, Economic History, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Industrial Organization, International Finance and Macroeconomics, International Trade, Labor Economics, Political Economy, and Public Economics.

Financial Assistance

All applicants will be considered for assistantships and fellowships through the regular application review process. Funding from the department is merit-based.  Applicants should also be aware that we are an affirmative action department and that we are especially interested in recruiting strong African-American, Hispanic-American and Native American students to our Ph.D. program.  As always, we will consider applications from students who have already secured an outside source of funding.


Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Department of Economics

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7343 Preinkert Drive
College Park, MD 20742
Telephone: 301.405.3544
Fax: 301.405.3542

Courses: ECON

General Requirements

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcript(s): Transcripts from all institutions attended after high school or secondary school whether or not a degree was received.  Fall term transcripts need to be included for anyone still attending an institution.
  • TOEFL/IELTS/PTE (international graduate students)

Program-Specific Requirements

By the application deadline, applicants should have completed advanced undergraduate courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Applicants are also expected to have completed the equivalent of three semesters of calculus, a semester of linear algebra, and a semester of differential equations. The majority of admitted students have also completed course work in real analysis or other upper-level mathematics. For admission for Fall 2022, submitting the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Aptitude test is optional.  All of the Department’s graduate students are full-time students.

Application Deadlines

Type of Applicant Fall Deadline
Domestic Applicants
US Citizens and Permanent Residents December 1, 2022
International Applicants
F (student) or J (exchange visitor) visas; A, E, G, H, I and L visas and immigrants December 1, 2022


Program Website:
Application Process:

Last Name First/Middle Name Graduate Faculty Status Academic Credentials Positions
Aruoba Sadik Full Member Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2004A.M. (Master of Arts), University of Pennsylvania, 2002B.A., Bogazici University, 1999 Professor, Economics
Ausubel Lawrence M. Full Member A.B., Princeton University, 1980; M.S.,Stanford University, 1982; M.L.S., 1984; Ph.D., 1984. Professor, Economics
Chao John C. Full Member B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1987; Ph.D., Yale University, 1994. Professor, Economics
Coughlin Peter J. Full Member B.A., State University of New York-Albany, 1973; M.A., 1974; Ph.D., 1976. Associate Professor, Economics
Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation
Cropper Maureen L. Full Member B.A., Bryn Mawr College, 1969; M.A., Cornell University, 1972; Ph.D., 1973. Distinguished University Professor, Economics
Affiliate Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
De Leo Pierre Full Member B.A., University of Milan-Bicocca, 2011; M.A., University of Milan-Bicocca, 2013; M.A., Boston College, 2014; Ph.D., Boston College, 2019. Assistant Professor, Economics
Drazen Allan Full Member S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972; Ph.D., 1976. Professor, Economics
Drechsel Thomas Full Member BSc, Goethe University-Frankfurt, 2010; MSc, University College London, 2011; MRes, London School of Economics, 2014. Assistant Professor, Economics
Filiz-Ozbay Emel Full Member B.S., Bogazici University, 1998; M.A., Bogazici Univerity, 2000; M.Phil., Columbia University, 2004; Ph.D., Columbia University, 2007. Associate Professor, Economics
Galiani Sebastian Full Member Licentiate in Economics, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires,1990; M.A., Instituto Torcuato Di Tella, 1992; Ph.D., University of Oxford, 2000. Professor, Economics
Goldberg Jessica Full Member B.A., Stanford University, 2001; M.P.A., Princeton University, 2005; M.A., University of Michigan, 2008, Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2011. Associate Professor, Economics
Haltiwanger John C. Full Member Sc.B., Brown University, 1977; Ph.D.,Johns Hopkins University, 1981. Distinguished University Professor, Economics
Harris Curtis C., Jr. Full Member B.S., University of Florida, 1956; M.A., Harvard University, 1959; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1960. Professor Emeritus, Economics
Hellerstein Judith K. Full Member B.S., Brown University, 1987; M.A.,Harvard University, 1992; Ph.D., 1994. Co-Director, Population Studies
Professor, Economics
Hulten Charles R. Full Member A.B., University of California-Berkeley, 1965; Ph.D.,1973. Professor Emeritus, Economics
Jin Ginger Zhe Full Member B.A., University of Science and Technology of China, 1992; M.A., Graduate School of People's Bank of China, 1995; Ph.D., UCLA 2000. Professor, Economics
Kalemli-Ozcan Sebnem Full Member B.S., Middle East Technical University, 1995; M.A., Brown University, 1997; Ph.D., Brown University, 2000. Professor, Economics
Kaplan Ethan Full Member B.A., U.C. Berkeley, 1992; M.A., Stanford University, 1999; Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley, 2005. Associate Professor, Economics
Kearney Melissa Full Member A.B., Princeton University, 1996; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002. Professor, Economics
Kelejian Harry H. Full Member B.A., Hofstra University, 1962; M.A.,University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1964; Ph.D., 1968. Professor Emeritus, Economics
Kuersteiner Guido Markus Full Member CV: licentiatus rerum politicarum, University of Bern, 2001; M.Sc., London School of Economics & Political Science, 1993; M.A., Yale University, 1995; MPhil, Yale University, 1996; Ph.D., Yale University, 1997. Professor, Economics
Lee Eunhee Full Member Ph.D., Yale University, 2016;M.Phil., Yale University, 2014;M.A., Yale University, 2013. Assistant Professor, Economics
Limao Nuno Full Member M.A., Columbia, 1998 M.Phil., Columbia 1999 Ph.D., Columbia, 2001. Professor, Economics
Masatlioglu Yusuf Full Member Ph.D., New York University, 2005;Master's, New York University, 2001;Master's, Bogazici University, 1990;B.A., Bosphorus University, 1995. Professor, Economics
Murrell Peter Full Member B.Sc., London School of Economics, 1971; M.Sc., 1972; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1977. Professor, Economics
Ozbay Erkut Y. Full Member B.A., Bogazici University, 1998; M.A., Bogazici University, 2000; Ph.D., New York University, 2007. Professor, Economics
Pope Nolan Full Member B.A., Brigham Young University, 2011; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2017 Assistant Professor, Economics
Prucha Ingmar R. Full Member M.A., University of Technology Vienna, 1973; Ph.D., 1977. Distinguished University Professor, Economics
Professor, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation
Reck Daniel Full Member B.A., Univ. of Oklahoma, 2010; M.A., Univ. of Michigan, 2013; Ph.D., Univ. of Michigan, 2016 n/a, Economics
Schwab Robert M. Full Member B.A., Grinnell College, 1969; M.A.,University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1971; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1980. Professor Emeritus, Economics
Shea John Full Member B.A., Northwestern University, 1986; Ph.D.,Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990. Associate Chair, Economics
Associate Professor, Economics
Graduate Director, Economics
Stevens Lacramioara Luminita Full Member B.A., Dartmouth College, 2003; Ph.D., Columbia University, 2012. Assistant Professor, Economics
Sweeting Andrew Full Member Position: Associate Professor CV: B.A., University of Oxford, 1995; M.Phil., University of Oxford, 1997; Ph.D., MIT, 2004. Chair, Economics
Professor, Economics
Urzua Sergio Full Member B.A., Universidad de Chile, 2001; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2003. Associate Professor, Economics
Vincent Daniel R. Full Member B.A., University of Oxford, 1983; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1987; B.A., University of Toronto, 1990. Professor, Economics
Wallis John J. Full Member B.A., University of Washington, 1975; M.A., 1978; Ph.D., 1981. Professor, Economics
Yang Chenyu Full Member B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College, 2010; Ph.D., University of Rochester, 2016. Assistant Professor, Economics