Family Science, Master of Science (M.S.)

Students interested in the M.S. degree should see the Couple and Family Therapy program page.

The CFT curriculum has three parts: didactic coursework, clinical practica, and supervised client contact. The minimum total credits required are 51 for the non-thesis option.

Supervised client contact begins in the student’s first semester. Clinical students are required to gain 400 hours of face-to-face client contact, and 250 of these hours must be relational (with couples or families). The Center for Healthy Families, the couple and family therapy clinic operated by the Department, offers the opportunity to gain these hours. Clinical students receive 100 hours of supervision, both individual and group, for their client contact hours. Supervision in the Department’s clinic is provided through a range of techniques including case discussion, one-way mirror observation, video review, co-therapy, and telephone consultation during live sessions. Students may choose to do some of their clinical work in a variety of available externship sites in the local area.