French Language and Literature, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Thesis option: 30 credits
Non-thesis option: 30 credits

The M.A. without thesis requires a minimum of 30 credits, of which at least 18 must be selected from courses numbered 600 or above. In lieu of a thesis, students must present a Qualifying Paper of between 25 and 30 pages in length as evidence of their ability to do independent research. The M.A. with thesis requires a minimum of 24 credits, of which not less than 12 must be selected from courses numbered 600 or above. A further six credits (thesis research/FREN799) are required. The M.A. thesis committee consists of 2 faculty members in addition to the student's thesis director, who serves as chairperson. There is an oral examination on the thesis, which should be a minimum of 80 pages in length. (See department website for complete information)

Teaching Assistant Requirement

All Teaching Assistants are required to take SLLC601 for one credit. This course counts towards the total credits required.

Course Title Credits
Theory or history of ideas course3
French linguistics course3
Three culture/literature courses from three different periods9
Thesis or Non-thesis options:15
Thesis Option:
French studies courses
Master's Thesis Research
Non-thesis option:
French studies courses
Qualifying Paper
Total Credits30