Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics, Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.)

Non-thesis only: 30 credits required

Course Title Credits
INFM605Users and Use Context3
INST661Introduction to Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics3
INST728Special Topics in Information Studies (INST728E: Game Design)3
INST730Course INST730 Not Found (Entertainment Environments)3
INST731Course INST731 Not Found (Advanced Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics)3
INST737Introduction to Data Science3
INST751IoT and Streaming Data Analytics3
INST756Information Risk Management3
INST760Data Visualization3
INST767Big Data Infrastructure3
Total Credits30

Courses that have not yet gone through the formal course approval process:

INST730: Entertainment Environments (3)

INST731: Advanced Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics (3)

INST728E: Game Design (3)