Hearing and Speech Sciences, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Curricular Requirements: 36 Credits

Course Title Credits
Any of the following courses:
HESP600Instrumentation in Hearing and Speech Sciences3
EDMS645Quantitative Research Methods I3
EDMS651General Linear Models II3
HESP602Advanced Seminar in Neurological Bases of Communication2
EDMS771Multivariate Data Analysis3
EDMS722Structural Modeling3
EDMS646General Linear Models I3
HESP605Assessment & Intervention in Bilingual Populations3
HESP606Basic Hearing Measurements3
HESP610Language Disorders in Adults2
HESP611Cognitive Disorders in Adults2
HESP612Fluency Disorders2
HESP613Autism Spectrum Disorders2
HESP615Counseling in Communicative Disorders3
HESP616Language Disorders in the Pre-school Age2
HESP617Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Communication and its Disorders2
HESP620Speech Production Disorders Across the Lifespan3
HESP621Bilingualism in Children and Adults3
HESP622Neuromotor Disorders of Speech3
HESP623Education, Policy & Advocacy in Bilingual Service Delivery3
HESP624Voice Disorders2
HESP626Language disorders in school-aged children and adolescents2
HESP627Augmentative and Alternative Communication2
HESP630Electrophysiological Measurements3
HESP632Medical Audiology3
HESP634Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory and Vestibular Systems3
HESP635Aural Rehabilitation/Habilitation3
HESP636Geriatric Audiology3
HESP638Research Practicum1-3
HESP639Special Topics in Hearing and Speech Sciences1-3
HESP645Pediatric Audiology3
HESP646Educational Audiology3
HESP700Hearing Aids3
HESP701Hearing Aids II3
HESP702Diagnostic Procedures in Speech-Language Pathology2
HESP704Audiology Practice Management3
HESP706Advanced Clinical Audiology3
HESP708Independent Study1-6
HESP710Industrial and Environmental Noise Problems3
HESP712Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Technologies3
HESP730Vestibular-ocular Assessment and Management (Electrophysiologic Measures II)3
HESP799Master's Thesis Research1-6
HESP808Current Research in Hearing, Speech and Language Services1-3
HESP818Seminar in Language Processing3
HESP828Seminar in Hearing Science3
HESP838Seminar in Language Acquisition3
HESP848Seminar in Audiology3
HESP849Capstone Research Project I2
HESP859Capstone Research Project II1-2
HESP868Seminar in Speech Science3
HESP878Seminar in Language Disorders3
HESP888Seminar in Neurological Bases of Language3
Thesis Option:6
Independent Study
Doctoral Candidacy Research
Capstone Research Project I
and Capstone Research Project II