Historic Preservation and American Studies (HPAM)

Graduate Degree Program
College:  Architecture / Arts and Humanities


The Historic Preservation (HISP) and American Studies (AMST) Dual Master's Degree program offers individuals with interests in both fields a framework to complete combined professional and research master's degrees in as few as five semesters. Students in this degree track learn the theories, practices, and skills associated with Historic Preservation’s emphasis on material culture represented by landscapes and monuments, as well as architecture in both its high styles and vernacular forms and American Studies’ dual emphases on diversity, culture and identity and the cultures of everyday life. Together, but from different perspectives, these fields center community, social justice, diversity and inclusion, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and practice. Students in both fields will learn from seminars, readings courses, and community-engaged coursework that cultivates a broad interdisciplinary skill set. The combination of these programs enables the student to cultivate synergies between practice and theory through internships, studios, scholarly papers, and public presentations.


Delaney West
Program Coordinator
Historic Preservation Program

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Department of American Studies
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Website: http://www.amst.umd.edu

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