International Relations, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Non-thesis option only: 30 credits required 

All students must complete a capstone paper that will incorporate a theoretical framework, datasets to be used, measurement of variables, and appropriate statistical methods. The capstone paper will be completed in the final semester of coursework.

Course Title Credits
GVPT604Introduction to War and Armed Conflict in World Politics (Introduction to War and Armed Conflict)3
GVPT605Introduction to Conflict and Cooperation in the World Economy (Introduction to Conflict and Cooperation in World Economy)3
GVPT606Introduction to International Institutions and International Law (Introduction to International Law and Institutions)3
GVPT622Quantitative Methods For Political Science3
GVPT708Seminar in International Relations Theory3
GVPT729Special Topics in Quantitative Political Analysis3
GVPT761International Political Economy3
GVPT803Seminar in International Political Organization3
GVPT808Selected Topics in Functional Problems in International Relations3
GVPT879Topics on International Security3
Total Credits30