Library and Information Science, Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.S.)

Thesis option: 36 credits
Non-thesis option (Field Study): 36 credits

The MLIS degree requires 36 credit hours of academic work to be completed with a B minimum average within five calendar years from the first semester of registration. A full-time MLIS student usually completes the program in two years. The time limit for completion of all degree requirements is five years.
Students completing their MLIS courses in-person may take courses in the daytime and evening and may change from part-time to full-time and vice versa, as their circumstances permit. Most in-person MLIS courses are offered during the evening, but there are online sections offered on a rotating basis.
The History/Library Science (HILS) dual degree program requires 54 credit hours for the MLIS and MA in History. The time limit for completion of all degree requirements for this dual degree program is five years.

At least 24 credits of the 36 required credits must be courses taken in the College (LBSC, INST, or INFM). A student may take courses in other UMCP departments or through the Consortium at other area institutions (limit of six credits). Six credits may be transferred from another accredited graduate program. Up to 9 credits earned as an Advanced Special Student at UMCP may be applied to the degree. Information about policies and procedures governing degree requirements and courses taken outside the College is available from the College's Student Services Office and on the College's website at

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements:
LBSC602Serving Information Needs3
LBSC631Achieving Organizational Excellence3
LBSC671The Lifecycle of Information3
LBSC791Designing Principled Inquiry3
Thesis or Non-Thesis Requirements:
Select one of the following:9
Introduction to Research Methods
Master's Thesis Research
Field Study in Archives and Digital Curation
Field Study in Information Service
Specialization Requirements:
Select one of the following:15
Archives and Digital Curation
Diversity and Inclusion
Youth Experience
Legal Informatics
Intelligence and Analytics
Individualized Program Plan
School Library
Total Credits36