Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences, Master of Science (M.S.)

Thesis only: 30 credits 


A minimum of 30 credits with 24 credits of course work and 6 credits of graduate research. Of the 24 course credits, 12 of them must be at the 600 level or higher; including,

  1. one seminar course (MEES608 or equivalent) must be taken for each year in residence (on average);
  2. one approved Statistics course (400 level or higher);
  3. one graduate course representing significant interdisciplinary breadth, outside the student's specialization;
  4. one course or seminar in management, ethics or philosophy of science.

Thesis Defense

An Oral Defense of the Thesis, administered according to Graduate School regulations, will take place at the completion of the research project. This defense will be conducted by the Advisory Committee and will be administered once all other degree requirements have been fulfilled.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
30 credits of coursework including:30
Masters Thesis Research
Applied Environmental Sciences course
One seminar for each year of residence in program
Two professional development courses
Foundation options:
Students select one of the following foundations and complete the requirements:
Environment and Society:
Earth & Ocean Science:
Ecological Systems:
Environmental Molecular Science & Technology:
Total Credits30