Mathematical Statistics, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Thesis option: 30 credits
Non-thesis option (scholarly paper): 30 credits

The M.A. degree program offers both thesis and non-thesis options; applicants are encouraged to choose the latter. For the non-thesis option, a student must complete 30 credit hours with at least a B average; at least 18 of these credits must be at the graduate level (600/700 level) and at least 12 of the graduate credits must be in Statistics (STAT). The student must also pass at least two Mathematics Department written examinations in Probability, Mathematical Statistics and one more area, such as Applied Statistics or any field of mathematics. Students may complete the qualifying exam requirements either by taking a third exam or by achieving acceptable grades  in a specific list of graduate STAT courses.  In order to earn the M.A. degree with the non-thesis option, the student must pass two examinations by the end of his or her third year in the graduate program, and must pass complete the qualifying requirements at the M. A. level by the end of the fourth year. A student may take one or more examinations at a time. Most full-time students complete the qualifying requirements by the end of the second year or middle of the third year. The student must also submit a satisfactory short scholarly paper.

For the thesis option, a student must:

  1. complete 24 credit hours with at least 15 at the 600/700 level (of these 15 hours, at least 12 hours must be in Statistics);
  2. maintain an average grade of B or better;
  3. take six hours of STAT799 (Research) in addition to (1);
  4. write a satisfactory thesis; and
  5. pass a final oral examination

There is no foreign language requirement for M.A. students.

Applicants should keep in mind that no financial aid is offered to M.A. students.

Thesis Option

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Select 24 credits of coursework 124
STAT799Master's Thesis Research6
Pass a final oral examination
Total Credits30

Non-Thesis Option

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Select 30 credits of coursework 130
Pass the Master's written examinations or the Ph.D. written examinations on the Master's level
Write a scholarly paper
Pass a final oral examination
Total Credits30