Mathematical Statistics, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The M.A. degree is not required for admission to the Ph.D. program. A doctoral student must complete a minimum of 36 hours of formal courses (at least 27 at the 600/700 level) with an average of B or better; at least 18 of the graduate credits must be taken in Statistics. In addition, the university requires at least 12 hours of STAT899 (Doctoral Research). The Ph.D. student must pass at least two written examinations in Probability, Mathematical Statistics, and a third exam in Applied Statistics or any field of mathematics. The qualifying requirements may be satisfied by passing three written exams or by satisfactory performance in a specified list of courses.  These examinations are given by the Mathematics Department twice a year in January and August. A student may take one or more examinations at a time. The student must pass two examinations by the end of his or her third year in the graduate program, and must complete the qualifying requirments by the end of the fourth year. Most full-time students complete the qualifying requirements by the end of the second year or middle of the third year. If successful in the qualifying requirements, the student must pass an oral examination. Administered by the Statistics faculty, the oral examination usually takes place a year after the student passes the written examination. This examination serves as a test of the student's in-depth preparation in the area of specialization and the student's research potential. Successful completion of the oral exam indicates that the student is ready to begin writing the doctoral dissertation. In addition, the Department requires a reading competence in one foreign language for the Ph.D. The student may select one of three languages: French, German or Russian.

Administered and graded by the Mathematics Department, the language examination consists of translating foreign mathematical texts into competent English. To be admitted to candidacy, the Ph.D. student must pass the written examinations and the oral examination and the language examination must be completed before the candidate's final oral examination on the dissertation.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Select 36 credits of coursework 136
Pass the written examination in three fields at the Ph.D. level, including probability and one statistics area
Pass a foreign language exam
Pass the final oral examination
Dissertation Research Requirement
STAT899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits48