Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Doctoral students are required to complete 36 credits in addition to 12 credits of PHIL899. Students are also required to complete a History requirement and a Logic requirement which does not count towards the total course or credit total. For the Prospectus Requirement, students must form a Prospectus Examining Committee, write a Dissertation Prospectus, and have the Prospectus approved by the Prospectus Examining Committee at a formal Prospectus Meeting. In addition all students who have completed the coursework component of the program are required to audit at least one course in each semester thereafter.

Students who seek admission to the Ph.D. program normally should intend to pursue only full-time study toward that degree.

In addition to the Graduate School requirements, students must complete twelve three-hour courses, or a total of thirty-six hours of course work. Two of these courses must be Core Courses, the remaining ten graduate seminars offered by the Department. Additional details may be found in the Graduate Handbook on the Department's www site. Foreign language skills are required only as demanded by the individual student's research.

Partial credit toward the Ph.D. requirements may be awarded for relevant work done at other graduate institutions. The Director of Graduate Studies will make a specific determination in each case.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
PHIL660Metaphysics, Mind, and Language3
PHIL640Value Theory3
Select one course in the Philosophy of Science3
Select remainder of coursework27
Dissertation Research Requirements
PHIL899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits48