Quantitative Methodology: Measurement and Statistics (QMMS)

Graduate Degree Program
College: Education


Quantitative Methodology: Measurement and Statistics offers graduate study leading to the Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degrees for students with strong interests in research methods and their applications. Students pursuing Doctoral degrees in other programs may enroll in a dual degree program leading to the Master's degree in Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation, or there is also a 21-credit certificate program for doctoral students. For select undergraduates, there is a five-year Bachelor's/Master's program in Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation. Please note that for those PhD applicants who are hoping to receive a funding offer, you should adhere to the preferred deadlines on the program website and not the deadlines listed below.


Graduate teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships are available. The Department can usually aid students in locating part-time employment opportunities, both on and off campus, as well as providing funding from its own contracts and grants.


Jannitta Graham
Graduate Coordinator
Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

3304 Benjamin Building
3942 Campus Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Telephone: 301.405.8432
Fax: 301.405.2891
Email: jgraham7@umd.edu

Website: http://www.education.umd.edu/Academics/Departments/HDQM/academic/degreePrograms/mseval.html
Courses: EDMS.