Reliability Engineering, Master of Science (M.S.)

Thesis option: 30 credits
Non-thesis option (scholarly paper): 30 credits

The M.S. degree program offers thesis and non-thesis options. The thesis option requires 24 credit hours of coursework and 6 credits of thesis research. Students who enroll directly in the Ph.D. program or students who transfer into the Ph.D. program from the M.S. program by passing the Ph.D. qualifying examination may obtain a non-thesis M.S. degree upon advancing to doctoral candidacy. The non-thesis option requires 30 credit hours of coursework, a scholarly paper, and presentation. All students must complete the Program Core requirements as well as all of the Graduate School requirements.

The Professional Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program in Reliability does not require a thesis, but students must complete at least 30 credits of approved coursework.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
ENRE600Fundamentals of Failure Mechanisms3
ENRE602Principles of Reliability Analysis3
Thesis or Non-Thesis Requirements
Select one of the following options:24
Select 24 credits of coursework
Master's Thesis Research (6 credits)
Select 30 credits of coursework
Scholarly paper
Total Credits30