School Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Doctoral program in School Psychology requires the completion of 102 credits, including 12 credits of EDCP899.

Advance to Candidacy: In addition to the course requirements below, students must pass all Comprehensive Exam requirements. Comprehensive Exam requirements include the following:

  • Research Review
  • Conference Paper/Presentation
  • Dissemination of Psychological Science to Practitioner or Lay Audience
  • Praxis II School Psychology Exam
  • Case Conceptualization Report

Post-Candidacy: Complete a first or co-authored chapter or manuscript submitted for publication with advisor approval. Complete at least 12 credits of EDCP899 Doctoral Dissertation Research in addition to defending and submitting an original dissertation. 

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
EDCP889Internship in Counseling and Personnel Services3
EDCP614Counseling Skills: Introduction to Practicum3
EDMS646General Linear Models I3
EDMS651General Linear Models II3
EDCP799Master's Thesis Research6
EDCP632Cognitive Assessment3
EDCP633Diagnostic Appraisal of Children I3
EDCP738Practicum in Child Assessment6
EDCP630School-Based Behavioral Interventions3
EDCP635School Consultation I3
EDCP636School Consultation II3
EDCP789Advanced Topics in Counseling and Personnel Services (EDCP789B - Theories and Methods of Intervention)3
EDCP789Advanced Topics in Counseling and Personnel Services (EDCP789N - Therapeutic Approaches with Children)3
EDCP617Group Counseling3
EDCP640School Psychology Seminar: Overview of the Specialty2
EDCP641School Psychology Seminar: Professional Ethics1
EDCP746Clinical Supervision of Pupil Personnel Services3
EDCP888Apprenticeship in Counseling and Personnel Services (EDCP888C - Field Work)6
EDCP697Multicultural Issues in Counseling Psychology3
EDCP717Evaluation of Research in Counseling3
EDCP743Developmental Psychopathology3
EDHD720Social Development and Socialization Processes3
or PSYC611 Advanced Developmental Psychology
EDHD775Human Development and Neuroscience3
or PSYC606 Human Biopsychology
EDHD721Cognitive Development and Learning: An Introduction3
or PSYC607 Advanced Topics in Human-Learning and Cognitive Psychology
PSYC604Fundamentals of Social Psychology3
PSYC610Historical Viewpoints and Current Theories in Psychology3
or EDCP789F
EDCP692Assessment in Counseling Psychology I3
Special Education elective3
Dissertation Research Requirements
EDCP899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits102