Second Language Acquisition, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Thesis option: 30 credits
Non-thesis option: 30 credits

The M.A. in SLA is a 30-credit program, with two tracks: Plan A, by coursework and thesis, and Plan B, by coursework only. These two tracks are meant to accommodate two slightly different populations, those planning on going on for the Ph.D. at Maryland or elsewhere (Plan A) and those who will be consumers and interpreters rather than producers of research and for whom the M.A. will be a terminal degree (Plan B). A Certificate in SLA will also be offered. The Certificate requires 18 credit hours of course work from the Plan B curriculum.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
SLAA610Research and Theories in Second Language Acquisition3
SLAA611Fundamentals of Foreign Language Acquisition and Instruction3
SLAA630Second Language Testing3
SLAA650Second Language Analysis3
SLAA620Second Language Research Methodologies3
Thesis or Non-Thesis Requirements12
Select 6 credits of approved electives
Master's Thesis Research
Select 12 credits of approved electives
Total Credits30