Spanish Language and Literature, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The doctoral degree is a research and specialized degree and the Graduate School does not require a fixed number of credit hours. However, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese requires a total of 36 credits. Before admission to candidacy, the student must demonstrate:

  1. a thorough knowledge of the literary production in the chosen area (Spanish or Spanish-American Literature);
  2. an in-depth knowledge of the field of specialization;
  3. proficiency in at least one field of the others Hispanic literatures;
  4. a reading knowledge of a language other than Spanish and English, to be used as a research tool in the field of specialization;
  5. one course in linguistics, such as 'History of the Spanish Language';
  6. a minimum of one course in Literary Theory and/or Criticism;
  7. acquaintance with a third literature (e.g. Luso-Brazilian, French, or English); and
  8. a background in supporting fields to be used as research tools (e.g. history, philosophy, political science, sociology, or art). Students must pass a comprehensive examination, a translation exam (in a language other than English and Spanish), have their dissertation proposal approved for admission to candidacy, and defend a dissertation.

Doctoral students are required to complete 36 credits of coursework in addition to 12 credits of SPAN899. Students must also pass the comprehensive exam, a language reading exam, and the dissertation proposal and defense.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
Select 36 credits of coursework including:36
Two courses in a secondary area
A graduate course in the History of the Spanish Language
A minimum of one course in literary theory and/or criticism
Dissertation Research Requirements
SPAN899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits48